Client Focused. Relationship Driven.

Dorfman Abrams Music is a CPA and advisory firm serving the greater New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. Our clients view us as advisors, friends and as part of their team to  help keep their organizations on the right path. We become the confidant clients talk to about obstacles and opportunities. We listen, interpret, and provide clients objective insight to help them thrive.

Building Client Value.

Our core function is to build organizational value. For business clients, we seek ways to increase profitability and manage risk. Our clients rely on us to provide transparent operations and deliver the information they need to work toward achieving goals. We customize a strategy unique to your objectives. Our firm acts as advisors and utilize accounting, tax and financial reporting to help you grow.


Dorfman Abrams Music supports closely held businesses, their owners, corporations, non-profit organizations and high net worth individuals. The core function we provide every client is accurate information, proactive planning and a relationship from a CPA that understands their goals and objectives.

Client Lifecycle

The lifecycle is a series of stages organizations transition through. Early-stage companies concentrate on survival, while a later-stage organization is concerned about stability and retaining wealth. We adapt our support to address current needs while preparing clients to enter the next lifecycle stage.

Our Services

Every step we take is centered around the best interests of our clients. Our mission is to help your organization and family develop a financially secure path. The most effective process to accomplish this is by getting to know your business so we can be capable of adding the type of value you should expect.


Providing a proactive and open exchange of ideas to manage your needs.


Identifying and tracking key performance indicators that impact success.


Creating and helping you execute the blueprint to achieve your goals.

Innovative Solutions.

We support a diverse range of organizations. Our team provides unique perspectives which center on finding solutions and staying committed to forward-looking strategies. Along the way we help manage risk, refine profitability and make it easier for you to focus on the critical issues in your organization.